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Construction Solution Experts Ltd is focused on a passion for build & design and always aim to exceed client expectations. Our contractors are able to cover a wide range of projects from whole houses refurbishment and new builds through home extensions and loft conversions to kitchen or bathroom fitouts. We can provide a recommended architects or work with an existing architect brought by the client.


Please send us an email or call us if you wish to discuss your project.

Discover what we offer


A refurbishment can start with a simple bathroom renovation and end up in a full house refurb.

We have an amazing team that is specialising in that type of work.

Construction Solution Experts - Refurbishment
Construction Solution Experts - Loft Conversion

Loft conversion

The best way to add that additional room or two that can completely transform space in the house. With loft conversion works the most important work is related to the roof.
Construction Solution Experts are proud to provide a specialist team with great roofers making sure that your roof will never leak again.


Extensions are the most desirable parts of the house renovations. They create that family, relaxing space where you can spend your evening and enjoy your family time. 
Construction Solution Experts cooperate with very experience architects being able to maximise the space to create the best extension for your needs. Our contractors have years of expertise in building extensions and are proud of high-quality work they provide.

Construction Solution Experts - Extensions
Construction Solution Experts - Relationship Management in Construction

Relationship Management in Construction

A close working relationship between client, architect and contractor is very important for the project success. Unfortunately, very often it all ends up as ‘them and us’, client and architect on one side and contractor on the other side.
That is where we step in with our experience and expertise. We channel communication between two parties in a way that is easier to digest and does not create an approach of take it or leave it on every single meeting.
Thank to our help a project that had no chance to succeed turns into the most successful one.
If you are getting stress and worried that your construction project has no chance to see the end do not give up: just give us a call.

New Build

Construction Solution Experts offer design and build service.
We will introduce to you one of our award-winning architect the most suitable to your project. We have all necessary expertise and experience to execute the design of your project. You will have a luxury home perfectly reflecting your style and personality.

Construction Solution Experts - New Builds
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